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ZāGO's Flexible Trims Are
Easy to Install & Easy On Your Pocket

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If you need to add accents to arched doorways, curved windows or any round application, don't run around in circles order ZāGO's Flexible Trims and Mouldings!

They are easily bent or shaped to fit around curves, arches, or any circular architectural detail.

What's more, they look just like wood, but they won't crack, chip or rot. Plus, they are easy to install and they'll save you time and labor cost.

The following are just a few of the moulds that ZāGO Carries:

  • Standard WM#s
  • Any S4S
  • Back Bands
  • Base and Base Caps
  • Coves
  • Crowns
  • Detailed Egg and Dart,
    Beaded, Fluted
  • Half and Quarter
  • Bed Moulds
  • Brick Moulds
  • Bull Nose
  • Casing
  • Chair Rails
  • Rounds
  • Keystones & Rosettes
  • Panel Mould
  • Custom

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We Have Trimmed Everything Off Our Pre-Curved Trim !!

  • The Delivery Time

  • The Installation Time

  • And Especially the Cost

ZāGO's Flexible Moulding can be used in place of, or as an accessory to, wood on halfround, eyebrow, elliptical and oval windows, round ceilings, curved walls and any round application.

Our mouldings are made from a polymer material and resemble traditional wood moulding in grain, texture and color. They are also flexible, durable, and easy to handle and install.

Builders and window manufacturers can apply  ZāGO's Flexible Moulding indoors or outdoors, to any curved wall, arch window or other curved application. These flexible mouldings are impervious to rusting, cracking, decaying and are maintenance-free - a superior product that can save time and money.

Any moulding profile can be produced in ZāGO's flexible material; whether the quantity is large or small.




If you do not find the profile you need in our catalogue, please call us at (800) 861-0734.
We are adding new profiles every week and can make nearly any style to fit almost any application.

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